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Solar Window Heater 32.5 Inch Profile
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Solar Window Heater 32.5 Inch Profile
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Solar Window Heater 32.5 Inch Profile
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Solar Air Heaters are a technology that have been around for years. It's always been a "do-it-yourself" chore to build one.

It's never been easy until now!

The new model SWH325 Solar Air Heater Profile is 32.5 inches long "patented design profile" has been designed specifically for the application of building a solar air heater.

The design of the profile captures early morning sun and late afternoon sun while transferring heat to the center. This eliminates  the “cool down” in flat plate and angular solar air heaters.

The solar air heater aluminum profile has a unique curvature allowing capture and transfer of heat to the center of each individual insert. Because of the unique profile design the overall surface area is greater than any other angular and or flat plate solar air heater. With the increase of surface area, the Model SWH325 can have a smaller overall all size with an increase of heat output. (greater efficiency)
32.5 inches long, 3 inches wide solar air heater profile. (snap together) Order as many inserts as your project requires.


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Solar window Air Heater Profiles 32.5 inches long 3 inches wide. 
Solar Air Heater High-heat output.

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