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Solar Window Heater Fan Kit
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Solar Window Heater Fan Kit
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Solar Window Heater Fan Kit
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2032 Fan
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Forced Air Solar Window Heater Kit 2032 Kit SALE Build-it-Yourself Kit- Controller

Model Specific Description

Model 1832

The Original - Solar Window Heater "Almost as green as it gets" - wood construction 2017 Model 1832 U.S Patent 7,434,577 Canadian Patent 2,643,573

A solar window heater works by circulating air from inside a room through the system mounted on the interior window sill. The room air can gain up to 30 - 40 degrees before being vented back into the room.

Our portable system design allows you to move the unit to follow the sun for maximum heat gain. These solar window heater are used to supplement an existing home heating system and can save up to 30% to 40% on room heating costs annually. An evolution in design, the new 2017 Model 1832 Extreme Heat solar window air heater has set a new industry standard.

The core of the Extreme Heat is the "U.S. Patented Solar Air Heater Stepwise Heating Technology". (we removed the glazing to photograph the inserts). Each Solar window air heater insert has been specifically designed to capture the suns energy from early morning to late afternoon, converting energy to heat. Unlike flat plate aluminum solar window heaters, the extreme heat aluminum inserts capture and transfer heat through each individual insert. Because of the unique design the overall surface area is greater than any other angular and or flat plate solar window heater of similar size.

Tech Specs

Features + Benefit

  • 15" wide x 48" long x 2" deep. 
  • 12VDC - operates the quiet recirculation fan and automatic themorstat
  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • 9 each Patented Step-Wise Heating Technology™ aluminum insert collectors 
  • Clear, fireproof polycarbonate
  • UL94V-0 Approved 
  • Provides heat even on cloudy days!
  • Window mounting hardware included 
  • Translucent - allows 50% of the natural light to pass through
  • 15 year warranty


This particular Model 1632 is designed to be placed on a window sill.

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Forced Air Solar Window Heater Kit
Build-it-Yourself Kit- Controller.

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