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The Original - Solar Window Heater Company. An evolution in design, the new Model Extreme Heat natural convection solar window heater has set a new industry standard.
Solar Window Heater
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Solar Window Heater
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Solar Window Heater
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The Original - Solar Window Heater Company
"Almost as green as it gets" - wood construction


An evolution in design, the new 2017 Model Extreme Heat solar window heater has set a new industry standard. The core of the Extreme Heat is the "U.S. Patented Solar Air Heater Stepwise Heating Technology". (we removed the glazing to photograph the inserts).
Each Solar window air heater insert has been specifically designed to capture the suns energy from early morning to late afternoon, converting energy to heat. Unlike flat plate aluminum solar window heaters, the extreme heat aluminum inserts capture and transfer heat through each individual insert. Because of the unique design the overall surface area is greater than any other angular and or flat plate solar window heater of similar size.
With the increase of surface area, the New 2017 Model 1632 Extreme Heat can have a smaller overall all size with an increase of heat output. (greater efficiency) Manufactured with wood and aluminum inserts, in combination with insulation the Model 1632 Extreme Heat has the lowest manufacturing carbon foot print. This is an important consideration when augmenting your existing heating needs while maintaining your "Go Green" objective.
The dimensions of this particular Model Extreme Heat is 16" X 32" and has a depth of 2.5 inches. Insulated with open cell insulation and covered with Plexiglas. It’s fully assembled when shipped. The actual collector surface area is 7.42 square feet. We encourage you to research all other solar air heaters and compare.
Shipping and handling charge is $31.00 per unit for the United States. $42.00 Canada
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Works great!
After shipping issues with USPS and some communication snafu's were resolved, the unit we purchased works great. The paperwork was not included with the heater, but the seller/tech team was patient walking us through the process of adjusting. Great people to work with - would do business with them again. Thank you, Kurt & Diane Boice
Kurt Boice
I was Skeptical but it works!
I purchased a couple units and put them in my sun porch. The porch has no insulation. When I returned home one sunny afternoon for lunch, I could feel the difference in temperature. Cool constrution!
B. Haskell - Minnesota
Model 1632 16 inches wide by 32 tall and 2.5 inches deep the 
most efficient solar window heater in North America. 7.42 sq/ft 
collector surface.

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