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Solar Air Heater 4 Module System
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Solar Air Heater 4 Module System
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Solar Air Heater 4 Module System
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SAS6047 Wood
$1,459.97  $1,259.97
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Build a Solar Air Heating array to accommodate your heat output requirements.

  • Easy To Mount
  • Clear, Fireproof Polycarbonate
  • UL94V-0 Approved
  • Provides Heat Even On Cloudy Days
  • U.S. Patented Module System with High Heat Chambers using 
    "Step-Wise Heating Technology".
  • 47 lenght by 60 inches wide.
  • Wood Frame Construction
  • Insulated 
  • Low cost Shipping and Handling.
  • 15 year warranty


The 1500 Series Model 6036 Wood Frame Solar Array Assembly is 60 inches wide, 36 tall.


Shipping each module $61.00


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The Model 6047 Wood Frame is 60 inches wide by 47 inches tall. The 4 inch entry and exit hole in the back side of the left hand and right module assemblies.

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