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Solar Window Heater-Solar Air Heater 16 X 30
An evolution in design, the new Model Extreme Heat solar window heater has set a new industry standard. The core of the Extreme Heat is the aluminum "U.S. Patented Solar Air Heater profile.
$255.97  $225.97
Solar Window Heater 16 X 32 Made in U.S.A.
U.S Patent 7,434,577 Canadian Patent 2,643,573 A solar window heater works by circulating air from inside a room through the system mounted on the interior window sill.
$269.97  $229.97
Solar Window Heater
Solar Window Heater

Our portable solar window heater design allows you to move the unit to follow the sun for maximum heat gain. These solar window heater are used to supplement an existing home heating system and can save up to 30% to 40% on room heating costs annually. How can a solar window heater help reduce your monthly heating bills? During the fall and winter the sun is low in the sky. South-facing rooms receive the majority of the sun’s direct rays. When a solar window heater is installed, these rooms have more exposure to the sun energy. Our solar window heaters are portable and can be moved to follow the sun.

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Exterior Solar Air Heater
Exterior Solar Air Heater
The patented "Step-Wise Heating Technology™" Because on the design, the Solar Air Systems "Step-Wise Heating Technology™" solar air heaters modules have an increased surface area exceeding 23% over a flat plate solar air heater collector system.
Solar Window Heaters
Solar Window Heaters
The Original - Solar Window Heater Company. An evolution in design, the new Model Extreme Heat natural solar window heater has set a new industry standard.
Use the power of the sun to help generate free heat and reduce 
your heating bills with solar window heater technology.

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