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Solar Window Heater 16 X 32 Made in U.S.A.
U.S Patent 7,434,577 Canadian Patent 2,643,573 A solar window heater works by circulating air from inside a room through the system mounted on the interior window sill.
$269.97  $229.97
Solar Air Heater Fan Wall Vent Kit
Solar Air Heater Fan, Matched System Double Fan Kit. This kit is complete with 2 custom wall vents with metal wall duct mounting assembly.
$199.97  $179.97
Solar Air Heater
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Exterior Solar Air Heater

Solar Air Heating Systems can be designed and supplied as specified by a customers needs and application. The required hot air temperature is not limited by a single sized panel. System life is more than 20 years without any additional maintenance.
Lowest cost, pay-back period is shorter - less than 2 years.

Solar Air Heating Array Component System

Build a Solar Air Heating array to accommodate your heat output requirements.

  • Easy Mounting Tabs - Top and Bottom
  • Patented Module System with High Heat Chamber
  • Choose from 24, 36, and 48 inch lenghts.
  • Low cost Shipping and Handling
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Customer Install Photo
Customer Install Photo
Solar Air Heater Customer Installation - Easy to install Model 6047 includes 4 each 15" X 47 modules. The 4 inch entry and exit hole in the back side of the left hand and right module assemblies.
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Solar Air Heater 16" Wide 48" Tall
The core of the 1648 is the "U.S. and Canadian Patented Solar Air heater Step- wise heating Technology. Each Solar Air Heater insert has been specifically designed to capture the suns energy, converting energy to heat.
$349.97  $299.97
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