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Solar Window Heater 16 X 32 Made in U.S.A.
U.S Patent 7,434,577 Canadian Patent 2,643,573 A solar window heater works by circulating air from inside a room through the system mounted on the interior window sill.
$269.97  $229.97
Solar Window Heater-Solar Air Heater 16 X 30
An evolution in design, the new Model Extreme Heat solar window heater has set a new industry standard. The core of the Extreme Heat is the aluminum "U.S. Patented Solar Air Heater profile.
$255.97  $225.97
Solar Window Heater Exterior
Solar Window Heater Outside Mount

An evolution in design, Solar Window Air Heater breakthrough patented passive solar air heating shutter system looks just like a vertical house window shutter – but does something no other window shutter can do - generates heat!

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Solar Window Heater Fan with Controller
Custom designed controller for a solar air heater.
$169.95  $149.95

Solar Window Heater Shutters (pair)
The use of our solar window heater shutters Model SAS1548 will almost alleviate the need to use conventional heating.
SAS1548 Shutters
$675.97  $575.97

Solar Window Heater 4 Module Exterior System
4 Model 1536P Solar window heatesr left and right thru wall, plus 2 center modules. 4 modules total.
1536P 4 Panel Array
$1,595.97  $1,469.97

Solar Window Air Heater 6 Panel Array Exterior
Solar Window Air Heater Profile Series 6-Panel Array.
1536P 6-Panel Array
$2,495.97  $1,999.95

Solar Window Heater Wall Vent Kit
This kit is complete with 2 custom 8" x 8" wall vents with washable filters, metal wall duct mounting assembly.
$139.97  $119.95

Solar Window Air Heater 4 Module System
The Model 6036 is 60 inches wide by 36 inches tall. The 4 inch entry and exit hole in the back side of the left hand and right module assemblies.

Use a solar window heater exterior mounting systems for extra heat. solar air heater shutters

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